I have the pleasure of knowing some talented young kings and queens. Juice sent me the link to this over winter break and I'm still in love with it (If you know me, you'll know why 26:09 is my part). It's one of the tightest mixes in my iTunes right now, with the Flying Lotus: Lovers Meltdown 2 and DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie Summertime tape being on my list as well. I got hip to Knxwledge's Hexual Sealings EP and a lot of other artists during a few intense jam sessions. He comprised a collection of music that pays homage to the golden era of hip hop as well as its current evolving presence. One thing I admire about Juice as an authentic lover of art is his undeniable passion for the music culture and the way he connects to it by always reppin' Bull City with his love for Little Brother; you'll find a track or two from them on the mix. Click the link below to listen/download.


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