If you know me personally, black backdrops with pops of color (whether they make statements on my lips or hair) is pretty much the default to all my ensembles. This is all manifested in Jeremy Scott's Fall/Winter RTW (Ready-To-Wear) collection. I've fallen in love with the eccentric hairstyles, lipsticks, textures, and garment combos. Real black cats aren't afraid of a little color. ;)



My day job and its hour commute takes over my life which leaves little room for creative exploration and adventure. This past Thursday, I got fly and headed to my college hometown to visit a friend. The trip was well-needed. I'm always on the road somewhere or making plans to go somewhere...could this be preparation for my dream job?


Site makeover. Hair change. Ready for the world.



I've been searching for you
And one day I will find you
You will live in me..
I've been searching for you
And one day you will find me
You shall live in me...

No stranger to collaborating with Theophilus, Jesse Boykins III lends his melodic whispers on Live In Me, a digital ballad about the classic tale of one's search, one's want for love. Rose Island was generously released to music lovers everywhere with no cost attached. I love how he stays true to his own signature sound on this mixtape, giving us both original lyrics and paying homage to artists and songs of the past with his remixed covers. This came just in time to be put in my summer rotation...and yours. ;)


The first blog I ever became addicted to was Streetwear Couture, run by Jersey native Moruf and that was back when MySpace was poppin'. They put me on. Being a faithful reader, I got hip to so much following their moves. I always thought Jean was the coolest and I still do. It's an older video, but every little bit of inspiration helps, especially since we all strive to be leaders in the creative fields of our choice. Enjoy.



Lana Del Rey - National Anthem from Guilherme Zpoiuyt on Vimeo.

Lana Del Rey's new music video for National Anthem was released the other day. I finally got a chance to watch and I love it...Lana never disappoints.In the Born To Die video, I was devoting my thirst to model Bradley Soileau, but the chemistry between A$AP Rocky and Lana in National Anthem's cinematic-style visuals was enough to make you press re-play. Twice.


The homie Juiceee released, FXKEDPVttERNZ II, the sequel to his first mix on Tuesday. Download here. If you fell in love with the first installment, you'll love his latest work. If you're new to his work, I guarantee you'll become a fan. He definitely puts on for NC.


So I definitely had to pack my shit and head to college town to bring in my best friend's 21st birthday. It was definitely a full day and night of wild times. Of course, I can't disclose all the details of his 21st bday kickback, but I will say there was a lot of Japanese and a lot of alcohol...need I say more?



I have the pleasure of knowing some talented young kings and queens. Juice sent me the link to this over winter break and I'm still in love with it (If you know me, you'll know why 26:09 is my part). It's one of the tightest mixes in my iTunes right now, with the Flying Lotus: Lovers Meltdown 2 and DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie Summertime tape being on my list as well. I got hip to Knxwledge's Hexual Sealings EP and a lot of other artists during a few intense jam sessions. He comprised a collection of music that pays homage to the golden era of hip hop as well as its current evolving presence. One thing I admire about Juice as an authentic lover of art is his undeniable passion for the music culture and the way he connects to it by always reppin' Bull City with his love for Little Brother; you'll find a track or two from them on the mix. Click the link below to listen/download.



SARA SMILE #onrepeat

I've been doing the most thinking lately about the direction I want my life to go in. I've disappointed myself in so many ways that I won't even care to elaborate on. I vow to never lower my standards or risk devaluing myself or my character for anyone ever again. I have no room to make the same mistakes twice; life is getting too real now. Hall & Oates make beautiful music and this song is one of my favorites by them. Hall wrote it for his former girlfriend and said it was a "having fun, wishing you were here" kind of thing. The song itself is sad, but it's still so enchanting to me.



INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

This is a short documentary I found on Vimeo some time ago on how trends arise and spread. Just like a favorite book, I frequently watch this video. The beautiful thing about our culture is our ability to inspire and be inspired. I found this documentary interesting and it begins with this quote:

"An influencer has a certain confidence that probably not many people have to know that what they're doing is the right thing to do because they're confident in it."


Although he still remains in my eyes and soul, the prototype, Pharrell is one of the top people I admire as an artist. He turned all of his passions into a career. Because there is no real blueprint to doing this, people like me study the careers of men like him, Kanye, Tyler The Creator, Hov, and even stylist Ugo Mozie for any inclination as to how to transform passion into success. If you're anything like me, you've been following Pharrell's career since you were aware of his existence. I've purchased and collected various of his magazine interviews (His '08 spread in Nylon Guys is my favorite!) and watched Vimeo recordings of him enlightening us at events such as the Art D'Assaut, The Bionic Yarn meeting, and his most recent project, I Am Other. He hasn't limited himself in any area of the fashion, music, liquor, or textiles industry as he has played the role of artist, musician, designer, investor, entrepreneur, interior artist, and even alcoholic drink connoisseur. Not to mention he is a pioneer in the style game and has, in the words of Curt@!ns, "fathered" many of us in a number of ways, particularly with his timeless style and youthful exuberance. In more words or less, he's taught us all to just say fuck everybody else and do what we want. I'm purchasing this book when it releases in October. I predict it will be a bestseller. Who doesn't fuck with Pharrell? More importantly, who doesn't want his personal accounts of how he became so fucking awesome?


I Look To You from Miami Horror on Vimeo.

I have an especial appreciation for videos whose themes center on combining color, nature, and the universe. Kimbra provides the vocals to a musical backdrop arranged by Miami Horror in a cosmic dress and eccentric makeup singing "I Look To You". The kaleidoscope visuals go hand in hand with the trance-like hook. The song is also as dance-proof as the video is creative. It's a modern twist on an old 70s dance record and although it's not new at all, it still gets plenty of play in my daily rotation. It's the perfect shower to dance to you after I get out of the shower. Thank you Victus for putting me on!

"See her world lit so brightSee her bird take flightSee her face wild and chargedSee her quickened heart

So if we fall, imagine thatImaginations flySo here I hold for what you areSee all that I'm looking for

I look to you

The future we've foundTo stay here on higher ground

I wanna change the future as I look into your eyes"



As everyone begins to develop tan lines and reasons to justify their scandalous nights at various beach resorts worldwide (I'm speaking in general by the way), Frank Ocean helps usher in the guilty and not-so-guilty pleasures of summer with Pyramids, a double-shot of what's to come on what we're all anticipating to be an intoxicatingly good album Channel Orange. I wouldn't call this a song, more like an experience. Ocean makes several references to the life and fate of Egyptian queen Cleopatra and even brings her back to life in a luxurious tale of promiscuity in Vegas, working at the Pyramid (perhaps an allusion to a hotel, as the lyrics suggest). It's amazing how he never holds back on his use of imagery in his lyrics. Storytelling is a reoccurring theme in Ocean's music and is an art I've grown to appreciate amongst lyricists such as Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd. The sequence of beats goes perfectly with each scene and time frame. As the guitar at the end of the song ushers us back to reality, I swore I was laying on Egyptian cotton in Vegas next to a glass of wine with nothing but lingerie and 6-inch heels on. If the previous summer's mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra is a prerequisite of Channel Orange, I'm sure we'll all leave the feelings of nature behind for a while to tune into Channel Orange.