As everyone begins to develop tan lines and reasons to justify their scandalous nights at various beach resorts worldwide (I'm speaking in general by the way), Frank Ocean helps usher in the guilty and not-so-guilty pleasures of summer with Pyramids, a double-shot of what's to come on what we're all anticipating to be an intoxicatingly good album Channel Orange. I wouldn't call this a song, more like an experience. Ocean makes several references to the life and fate of Egyptian queen Cleopatra and even brings her back to life in a luxurious tale of promiscuity in Vegas, working at the Pyramid (perhaps an allusion to a hotel, as the lyrics suggest). It's amazing how he never holds back on his use of imagery in his lyrics. Storytelling is a reoccurring theme in Ocean's music and is an art I've grown to appreciate amongst lyricists such as Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd. The sequence of beats goes perfectly with each scene and time frame. As the guitar at the end of the song ushers us back to reality, I swore I was laying on Egyptian cotton in Vegas next to a glass of wine with nothing but lingerie and 6-inch heels on. If the previous summer's mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra is a prerequisite of Channel Orange, I'm sure we'll all leave the feelings of nature behind for a while to tune into Channel Orange.

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