Although he still remains in my eyes and soul, the prototype, Pharrell is one of the top people I admire as an artist. He turned all of his passions into a career. Because there is no real blueprint to doing this, people like me study the careers of men like him, Kanye, Tyler The Creator, Hov, and even stylist Ugo Mozie for any inclination as to how to transform passion into success. If you're anything like me, you've been following Pharrell's career since you were aware of his existence. I've purchased and collected various of his magazine interviews (His '08 spread in Nylon Guys is my favorite!) and watched Vimeo recordings of him enlightening us at events such as the Art D'Assaut, The Bionic Yarn meeting, and his most recent project, I Am Other. He hasn't limited himself in any area of the fashion, music, liquor, or textiles industry as he has played the role of artist, musician, designer, investor, entrepreneur, interior artist, and even alcoholic drink connoisseur. Not to mention he is a pioneer in the style game and has, in the words of Curt@!ns, "fathered" many of us in a number of ways, particularly with his timeless style and youthful exuberance. In more words or less, he's taught us all to just say fuck everybody else and do what we want. I'm purchasing this book when it releases in October. I predict it will be a bestseller. Who doesn't fuck with Pharrell? More importantly, who doesn't want his personal accounts of how he became so fucking awesome?

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