I Look To You from Miami Horror on Vimeo.

I have an especial appreciation for videos whose themes center on combining color, nature, and the universe. Kimbra provides the vocals to a musical backdrop arranged by Miami Horror in a cosmic dress and eccentric makeup singing "I Look To You". The kaleidoscope visuals go hand in hand with the trance-like hook. The song is also as dance-proof as the video is creative. It's a modern twist on an old 70s dance record and although it's not new at all, it still gets plenty of play in my daily rotation. It's the perfect shower to dance to you after I get out of the shower. Thank you Victus for putting me on!

"See her world lit so brightSee her bird take flightSee her face wild and chargedSee her quickened heart

So if we fall, imagine thatImaginations flySo here I hold for what you areSee all that I'm looking for

I look to you

The future we've foundTo stay here on higher ground

I wanna change the future as I look into your eyes"

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